Historically Accurate Content Production

Narrative Design & World Building

Narrative design is the bridge that connects game design and storytelling. It determines the way the story is told and therefore includes plenty of crucial decisions. Whether you are developing a new game in a new world or seeking to reenforce the historical accuracy of your narrative, we have got you covered!

Historically Accurate Creative Texts

Even in a world that champions visual content, engaging texts can be both powerful and effective. Creative texts such as in-game dialogues or descriptions can set the tone for the entire game. Informative texts such as museum or exhibition guides add more depth to the visual experience. By producing historically accurate texts we can elevate the experience of the readers and make every story worth reading.


Graphic Design
& Illustrations

In order to provide a feeling of complete immersion in the portrayed historical period, consistency is absolutely crucial. Along with the determined historical narrative and the texts, accurate design is essential for the overall experience. Our artistic team has already produced a large database of graphic assets and can further create characters and NPCs as well as vital settings elements such as houses, decorations and other relevant items.

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